VOYAGERS  Price: 16.00 
Voyagers Frontcover A musical journey to exotic countries and exciting cultures.
They pick off the most interesting elements and inspirations from different musical cultures and contrast them with their own musical background and create a refreshing new musical melange.

''Voyagers has just about everything one could ask for in a contemporary release with flavor off the charts, a smoking hot band, and rock solid tunes.
Technically proficient and artistically gifted but perhaps most importantly...Voyagers is incredibly entertaining!'' ( Brent Black, Critical Jazz, USA, 5*****! )

Musicians: Michaela Rabitsch - vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn
Robert Pawlik - guitars
Joe Abentung - double bass
Dusan Novakov - drums & percussions
Guests: Robert Bachner - trombone
Raoul Herget - tuba
Erwin Bader - keyboards

1. Seven Ways To Fez
2. Varna
3. Unique
4. The Long Road
5. Serbian Rhapsody
6. Walk In The Sun
7. Malaga
8. Round Midnight
9. Money
10. Cienfuegos

  •  Seven_Ways_to_Fez_short.mp3
  •  Varna_short.mp3
  •  Unique_short.mp3
  •  The_Long_Road_short.mp3
  •  Serbian_Rhapsody_short.mp3
  •  Walk_in_the_Sun_short.mp3
  •  Malaga_short.mp3
  •  Round_Midnight_short.mp3
  •  Money_short.mp3
  •  Cienfuegos_short.mp3

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