Just the two of us   Price: 16.00 €
Crossover of jazz, pop and latin in a charming mix of atmospheric
originals with some great new arangements of pop and standard
Vienna‘s simpatico first couple of jazz (Wohin-in-Wien) sets new benchmarks in unplugged duo playing and impresses with touching and catchy songs.
The Austrian answer to Tuck & Patti, enriched with trumpet and flugelhorn.

01. In the first days of springtime
02. Moon in the dark
03. Just the two of us
04. Little wing
05. Time after time
06. This masquerade
07. Tren numero uno
08. Stars in the sky
09. Sunday afternoon
10. Good morning vienna

  •  in_the_first_days_of_springtime.mp3
  •  moon_in_the_dark.mp3
  •  just_the_two_of_us.mp3
  •  little_wing.mp3
  •  time_after_time.mp3
  •  this_masquerade.mp3
  •  tren_numero_uno.mp3
  •  stars_in_the_sky.mp3
  •  sunday_afternoon_1.mp3
  •  good_morning_vienna.mp3

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